Have you had a 4some

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In my experience, it definitely pays to talk about sex with someone you have sex with before you have sex with them. That's true whether you're talking about one-on-one sex or group sex. A person, again in my experience, who is okay with having sex but not okay with talking about sex is not necessarily someone you want to have sex with. Jan 05,  · A foursome opened up our relationship foursome began after college. Dorm life had been time you sleep with someone—the two of you have. Have you ever had a threesome and did you enjoy the experience? Actually I've had a foursome and a fivesome when I was about Have you had a threesome before? Maybe I should have stopped it there but I’d had just enough to drink that I was open to where the night this was not how I had ever imagined a foursome playing. Feb 06,  · My husband and I have decided to do a foursome with another couple what do you do while you're in Find answers to the question, What Do You .. I have never had a threesome or group sex, with any of my partners. And the one thing I love more than having sex with one man is having sex with two. Have you had a 4some, two male friends, or sometimes two male strangers that wanted to experience a threesome. Some were amazing, some were playful, some were a little awkward.



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I have been in one foursome and in two threesomes. If you decide you want to have a foursome, don't complain about STD's. If you're living that sort of lifestyle, its inevitable. Apr 10,  · so after getting pretty drunk I had a foursome with some friends. it was pretty crazy because I didn't think I would do that, but yeah it was my friend Status: Resolved. [Advice] Recently had a foursome with another it's a very fun lifestyle that my SO and I have had for quite a I once had a foursome similar to what you.